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Getting Element Tree to read a SASXML file

Element Tree is a very nice and simpleĀ  to use python library for loading, reading in, and writing out XML files. However there is on little trick that caught me out because I didn’t understand enough about XML and name spaces. Having got some data in sas xml format it took me a long while […]

Getting the code to display nicely

In the end it should have been obvious and as Neil and @plausible pointed out the answer was there all the time, spelled out nicely at http://support.wordpress.com/code but actually finding that didn’t seem to be too straightforward at the time. So the answer for generating nicely formatted code in wordpress.com blogs is to wrap the […]

Problems with creating a new matplotlib ScaleBase class

So I have managed to create a new scale type in matplotlib using the ScaleBase class which is very useful and rather powerful. The scale subjects an axis to a squared transform, meaning that like a log plot, the x-values are spread out along the axis on a scale that is annotated with the actual […]